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client login | Thursday 13th August 2020
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Site Hosting

To get an online presence you will need to have access to some form of hosting, a registered domain name as well as the actual website to upload to your hosting server/area. hosting can take the form of a subscribed service to a hosting company (common for small companies and individuals) where the equipment and connectivity are maintained by the hosting company. This is a very simple and hassle free option.

You could host your own server if you have a suitable server which has the required HTTP server software configured and installed and connectivity to a sizeable internet line (ADSL, SDSL, T1 etc).

Unless you have specific needs, the easiest option is to purchase a domain name from a hosting company and have that domain hosted by them. Costs can vary but are in the region of £35-120+ per year.

The LAMP Approach

Linux(OS) Apache(Web Server) MySQL(Database) PHP/Perl(Scripting tool) is what makes up the acronym, LAMP. This is probably the most successful and popular platform for hosting web pages. A quick search on Google will give you further information if you wish to do some reading up on the LAMP approach to web hosting. The popularity for the LAMP system is probably due to it being open source thereby making it very cost effective.